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SMPT and Plus Net smart host


SMPT and Plus Net smart host


I am using Linux (fedora) with postfix to send and receive mail. Whist it works fine when I send direct, if I need to use to send to say AOL who won't accept mail from Hosts they have not approved of, I get the following:

host[] said: 550
Please redirect your mail to the domain (in reply to RCPT TO

I guess that the problem maybe caused becuase I am using my domain name in the HELO, but I am not sure.

Any ideas?

SMPT and Plus Net smart host

AOL have a very strict policy regarding what IP ranges trhey accept e-mail from.

It is very strongly advised that you continue to use for e-mails sent there.

You should even be able to setup a rule under your mailcores settings, to use a external smarthost, for all addressed messages.

SMPT and Plus Net smart host

That is what I am trying to do, but or rather an internal plus net server is rejecting the smtp connection with a 550 error.

I also note that is also rejecting smtp connetions from evolution which was working until this morning. I suspect that plusnet has changed their rules on relaying.