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SJ Labs Softphone for Pocket PC


SJ Labs Softphone for Pocket PC

Hi there

Can anyone tell me if they have got the SJ Labs softphone working on a Pocket PC and using it with Plustalk yet??

I have it loaded on my Dell Axim x51v but am unable to get it working as of yet.

Any help would be appreciated.

Sorry for the 2nd thread, last one was a reply but same question.


SJ Labs Softphone for Pocket PC

I guess thats a no then. I think I might try the aximsite forum.

SJ Labs Softphone for Pocket PC

I have it working using the following settings on an iPAQ:

1. Setup a profile, with profile type ‘Calls through SIP Proxy’

2. Initialization Tab Settings

User data ‘Account’ and ‘Password’ all selected.
Caller ID - none selected
FullAddr of Rec – none selected

3. SIP Proxy Tab Settings

Proxy Domain : 5060
User Domain
Register with proxy selected
Proxy is strict outbound not selected
Unregister contact address only selected

4. Advanced Tab and DTMF Tabs

Leave as default.

5. STUN Tab

Use discovered address in SIP Selected
Server Address

Other settings all default

6. Service Profile settings:

Account Enter SIP ID: 2HuhHuh Etc
Password Enter your account password

You should now be able to log into the plus talk service. If not check firewall settings, so that ports 3478 and 5060 are open for UDP traffic and forwarded to your PDA device IP address.
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SJ Labs Softphone for Pocket PC

Works fine for me as well with the above settings - though use a headset otherwise the feedback is horrible.