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Router which uses IP Tables


Router which uses IP Tables

Does anyone of an iptables based hardware router which supports the following:-

QoS, SNMP, Web based management, telnet or ssh management, ability to define 'proper' iptables rules.

The DG834 passes most of my criteria but I can't define more complex iptables rules and the SNMP part is fubar'd (no ppp stats).

Ideally price should be reasonable.

I don't care if I have to hand craft the iptables rules just so long as the router doesn't do what my DG834 does and reset them every night...

Router which uses IP Tables

Have you looked at ?
I really love this thing, basically you download an iso, burn to cd, then get an old computer and install it. Bingo the old computer is your firewall router. Based on linux, uses a web interface to administer it, uses iptables. Probably the most reliable firewall router I never bought Smiley