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Router to forward IP Traffic to ISA Server


Router to forward IP Traffic to ISA Server

I want to setup an ISA2000 server on my home Network. As I only have one public IP from Plusnet I cannot have the intenet facing IP of the ISA box as that public IP as the router needs to use this.

Is it therefore best to purchase a router to forward all IP traffic to the ISA box? Or is NAT a better approach (I have never used NAT so excuse the ignorance).

Any suggestions would be appreciated on the best setup and also the best ADSL router/modem to achieve this would be appreciated.



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Router to forward IP Traffic to ISA Server

What ADSL router are you using now?

Depending on what you want the ISA server to do, you should be able to setup suitable port forwarding ules on your cirrent router to a defined internal IP address the IAS server is using.

If your using DHCP to assign IPs on your local network, change the range in the router so there are some spare ones (say make the max DHCP uses 200) then set your ISA server to use a fixed ip of .201 so it will never change.