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Router Firewall.


Router Firewall.

When my router firewall is enabled I am unable to perform tracerts and as a result I have the habit of leaving it off (which might not me a good idea).

I was wondering if anyone knows a way to configure a router firewall to allow tracerts? I have the ADSL 2100 Binatone router.

Also I have the ZoneAlarm software firewall and was wondering if a hardware firewall was actually needed to go along with this?

Router Firewall.

firstly see if the hardware firewall has any TCP filtering // ICMP filtering option enabled, secondly yes, a hardware firewall is always a good thing to have, usualy even better than a software one, however running both is the best.

Replying Ivan

Hi Avonholm,

Your router should definately ALLOW tracert command/s to pass through, and so should work. I'm sure the problem is just a setting that needs enabling or disabling some where in your routers config.

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