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Reverse DNS and PlusNet


Reverse DNS and PlusNet


I've recently gotten the Plus Net ADSL service. I am not using the Static IP option.

I've noticed that when I log into my Plus Net account, the IP address I am assigned is immediately associated with the domain This can be a security issue because movements can be tracked. Everytime I visit a site, they can reverse DNS my IP address and always get the same answer: That is potentially worse than any cookie left on my machine.

Don't get me wrong, I also the the benefits of this setup. However, is there anyway to change the situation? Details of the risks can be found at and doing the Shields UP test.

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Reverse DNS and PlusNet

I am not using the Static IP option

As I understand it, on PlusNet ADSL you get a Static IP with no option not to have it.
You can get the rDNS changed to be, anything.adomainonyouraccount or no rDNS by following a Contact Us Path of:

Technical Support -> Static IP / Reverse DNS Setup -> Change my Reverse DNS (PTR) configuration

and explaining what you want.

Reverse DNS and PlusNet

If you want to hide your id then use a anonimus proxy server which will hide your ip.


Thanks for the link to customer support. Lots of good information I had not seen before. Hope they get they ADSL dynamic IP address option working...

Reverse DNS and PlusNet

I think the way DSL is set up at Plusnet, you cannot have a dynamic IP address.

Most other broadband ISP's are also static IP.

Reverse DNS and PlusNet

if you use a proxy server will this hide your identity if you are sharing filesHuh

and is it better than a program like peer guardian??

a hyperthetical question of course