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!!! Restricted access !!!

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Registered: 18-09-2007

!!! Restricted access !!!

I have a problem.

There is this computer right.
And it has alot of different users.
On this computer there appeared some obscene images not fit for the majority of the users eyes.
Along with this none of the users should have been looking at these obscene images in the first place, then from the sites that were visited a number of viruses (not sure if that is the irhgt plural for virus), and spyware applications had been contracted by the computer, which i am sure you will agree is not a good thing.

I have been asked to tackle this problem and it seems to me this could be a very common problem, that has probably been tackled better and before.

So a complete re-install i think is the best solution, but prevention is the best cure methinks, so does anyone of a good program (preferably freeware) which would be up to the job of looking at a website before it is displayed or even download would be better, and generally stop bad things from happening.

ps Yes firewalls and mad security stuff has been made a priority, on the re-install but i need more protection, doesnt matter how good the firewall is, it still cant tell the differnece between a pair of Shockedops: boobs Shockedops: and a pic of the pope.

And on that note it will be norton internet security suite (?2003?) which will be installed.

jabb0 Shockedops: