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Responders will kick me out as I need so much help!

Just wondering if it is possible to create an autoresponder for one of the email aliases I have, so when they complete an online form, the email that gets sent to the alias automatically sends one out to the email address entered in the form.

I know how to configure the cgi form (i'm using my own) but its the responder im querying

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Why not just get your email program to reply automatically to that add

RE: Responders

Because a) my pc isn't on all the time and b) i want it to reply automatically

and c) im awquard! lol

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Hi there,
You do not seem to be able to set up auto responders using PlusNet's email service. However, there are alternatives:

1) Webhosting Package - You could set up a small mail hosting account for £0.69 a month (plus the charges for your domain) with OneandOne and this would give you clever things such as autoresponders and virus scanning by Symantec plus standard mail options such as mailboxes, aliases and redirects (which PlusNet offer). If you wish to do this you could set up an autoresponder in the oneandone control panel and then have the plusnet alias be set up with redirect at the PlusNet portal so that any mail sent to it (such as from the form) would go to the OneandOne autoresponder address and the person would get an automated reply.

2) Outlook Express - I know that you said you would not have your computer on all the time so this would be impractical but I thought I would mention the idea anyway. Autoresponders can be set up in outlook express so that whenenever your computer is switched on, an automated reply can be sent to anybody that sends an e-mail to a certain account. This would not be suitable for you, but I have put this here for the benefit of others who may find it useful. Smiley

3) Some CGI scripts (such as formmail) which you could use on your PlusNet CGI space are written so that when the form is submitted the script sends a reply out immediately to the e-mail address entered in the form.

I hope that information is correct and has helped a small bit.
matt Wink