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Removing Spam


Removing Spam

Hi All

I have 4 email addresses which for now I will call Tom,Dick,Harry and postmaster all

I have been wracking my brains over this for a while and have not the faintest idea.

If it can be done how would one word a mail rule or filter so it virtually says...... if an email comes in and it is not addressed specifically to Tom,Dick, Harry or postmaster then delete it or make it dissapear.

I feel that there must be a way but darned if I can work out how to actually word the rule or filter.

I do have all of the spam go to one particular folder which I periodically clean out and occasionally find an email addressed to one of those"legitamate" that I have not added a rule for,so cannot just off hand empty the folder without checking the contents first...... so it is not a major problem but would would be nice to not even have to see emails addressed to " which seems to be how most of my spam arrives.
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Removing Spam

In Mozilla Thunderbird, set up a folder each for Tom, Dick, Harry and Postmaster. Then create a filter for each to divert the validly addressed emails to appropriate folder. The "Inbox" then becomes the "Trash" folder, containing all of the spam.
I imagine you could do something similar with Outlook/OotlookExpress.

Removing Spam

By default, all mail which comes to an address you don't have listed as an actual mailbox or re-direct is delivered to your default address (I suspect
What you can do however is raise a ticket with PN to request that any mail not specifically addressed to one of your recipients is dropped into their blackhole.
So long as you have Postmaster (to send DD notices/service announcements etc), they'll be happy enough to do it for you.

Better than rules on your client, since you don't have to download the mail to delete it.