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Recommendations for ISPs other than PlusNet?


Recommendations for ISPs other than PlusNet?

I'm probably going to leave PlusNet

I don't think I'm on LLU so I'm assuming that leaving should be fairly easy

My requirements for a new ISP are pretty simple, and as follows:
- Connection speed of at least 2Mb (would be fast enough I think) and perhaps up to 8Mb (perhaps a bit of a luxury?)
- Unlimited downloads
- Monthly contract option
- Reliable connection
- Good customer service when things do go wrong

Any recommendations for ISPs?

Recommendations for ISPs other than PlusNet?

I suppose the question that one has to ask is how much are you prepared to pay..... the reason for my asking is that in the current climate very few ISP's are offering a 2Meg connection to new customers.The ones that put new customers straight onto MaxDSL (which is most of them) now have download limits of some desciption...... even with AOL there are mutterings about possable caps or throttling.

Which just leaves you the so called smaller "niche" ISP's which are not the cheapest around but because they are expensive have kept the "what is the cheapest unlimited ISP" brigade away.

I think overall you are going to find quite a lot that will give you monthly contract, reliable connection I think you might fall down on the good customer service because they have had to cut things to the bone to maintain a reasonable profit margin, and the same for unlimited downloads......... at least for a similar price you are paying PLusnet.

But I wish you well in your search
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Recommendations for ISPs other than PlusNet?

The ISP I'm hoping to be with by the end of the year is alluded to in my sig and it, like most other ISPs, doesn't fulfil all your requirements

"Connection speed of at least 2Mb...and perhaps up to 8Mb"-- up to 24Mbps ADSL2+ which is a true rate adaptive technology unlike MaxDSL so you stand more chance of reaching the best speed your line can stand (be aware some people still have problems though)

"Unlimited downloads"-- they still have a FUP but to date no one has been warned despite the fact that people have been known to download in excess of 500GB in a month

"Monthly contract option"-- Nope! They are unusual in having a 3 month contract at present which makes things a little tricky at times but it's better than yearly I guess

"Reliable connection"-- That's mainly down to the quality of your BT phone line although it is helped by the fact that you can set the target SNR instead of leaving it to BT or the ISP

"Good customer service when things do go wrong"-- A bit of a mixed bag like most ISPs. Their phone CS was allegedly pretty lousy until they moved it from Mumbai to Sophia in Bulgaria when it improved drastically and now they have made it "freephone"

Recommendations for ISPs other than PlusNet?

Well I have to say - you're lucky! They have a very good service apparently, but I don't think it'll ever be installed in my fairly remote exchange.

So it's MAX or not much...

But also - with regard to changing from Plusnet - they really do have the best value service I think, although when things go wrong it can be a little fraught. I did look around when I was cheesed off with them a short while ago and ended up staying.

Do make sure you really want to move as well if you do, because I read in PCPro some time back that moving is pretty stressful as well!