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Proxy Server


Proxy Server

I have a friend who has asked me to help fix their pc internet connection. They can get online via dial up networking but cannot access any web sites. The error message indicates that IE is set up for a proxy server which seems to be causing the conflict. Can anyone tell me how to change this?

Proxy Server

This can be done, via the options screen.

1: Select "Tools" from the menu bar in Internet Explorer

2: Select "Internet Options".

3: Select the "Connections" tab

4: In the selection box, entitled "Dial-up and Virt...", select the top item listed.

5: Then click the "Settings" button to the right.

6: Untick the following items
* Automaticaly detects settings
* Use a automatic configuration script
* Use a proxy server for this conn...

7: Ok this window

8: Repeat steps 4, 5 & 6, but select the next item down in step 4. Repeat this until there are no more to do

9: Select the "LAN Settings" button

10: Perform steps 6 & 7 on the windows that appears

11: Click OK, then restart Internet Explorer