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Problems - still trying to get plustalk working


Problems - still trying to get plustalk working

Thought I would have yet another go at trying to get the broadband phone working and use some of my free minutes.

Basically installed X-Lite (ver 3.0) and configured as per the help page instructions. Tried a USB internet phone but no joy yesterday. Tried basic microphone + speakers/ headphone today which do appear to actually be recognised.

X-Lite phone appears OK and says ready with my user name displayed OK. Switch on speaker phone through speakers and finally get an error message 'requested timeout' and an American lady telling me 'the person you are calling is unavailable'.

Now my microphone and speakers work OK. Microphone registers on the red sliding bar microphone on the phone display and can be heard. Same for speakers / headphones. Have tried various settings which I could find in the forum but nothing works.

Router is a Netgear DG834G with Zone Alarm Pro Firewall. Both router and firewall configured as per set up instructions to allow the various UDP settings.

Any one else had this sort of problem and may be a solution? Seems a pity to have all those free minutes and no way of me using them - help!