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Problems sending email via Thunderbird


Problems sending email via Thunderbird

Hi, think this is the right forum for this, had a look around for half an hour and couldn't find any results that worked for me:-

I can quite happily get email via the POP from my account but I just tried to use plus's smtp server but I can't send any email (it keeps on saying 'Looking Up''). I use to use hotmail to send my never needed to use plus's setup until now,

The email account has been setup and in use for several weeks.

Setup is:-
OS: Win XP
Email Program: Mozilla Thunderbird
Server name :
Port : 25
Use name and password : yes
User name : I have my username+specificemailname
Use Secure Connection: No
Running Norton AV if that makes a difference

I'm probably missing something realllly dumb....any ideas anyone as I'm trying to send emails regarding a job...*sigh*,


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Problems sending email via Thunderbird

Are you connected via a plusnet assigned IP address? If not, you can't use, you must use the SMTP server that your current ISP uses.

Also make sure SMTP authentication is disabled as it is not required.

Also try disabling your firewall and AV scanner to see if that makes any difference.

Problems sending email via Thunderbird

thanks...but typical as newsgroups work...I did one more search after posting and found this:-

I had the username box ticked (i assume this is whats meant by authentication) i unticked it and it appears to work,

dammit...I sure I unticked that....probably random combinations conspired against me,

thanks for the quick reply anyway