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Poor security of other customers on PN network


Poor security of other customers on PN network

Just taken 10 mins out to rip my firewall log apart and see what's going on....

As a rule I block all incomming and outgoing Micrsoft sharing related traffic (137,139,445) at my firewall and log it...

Looking at my logs for the last 24 hours I've got 125 incomming events logged of which 80 are from other PN user's Windows boxes... now surely anyone with a modicum of sense would realise that sending traffic out you don't need to is both wasteful of bandwidth and a security risk.

Is there anything PN can do to block this uneeded/unwelcome traffic?

Poor security of other customers on PN network

they can do it VERY easily, all they have to do is STOP routing traffic desined for those ports or originating from those ports, it takes ooo 2 lines of an ACL (active control list) to block each one, maybe 1 line depending on their routers. This would mean the traffic would go

(l)user -> pn server


(l)user -> PN server -> Other PN users.

It would drasticaly cut the crap on the PN network as well.

Then again, seeing as they didnt mind pissing of a few ppl by dumping them to a badboy pipe, i can not see why they can not do the same with the retards that can not even be botherd to secure a computer well enough to stop getting Virii. They could have a pipe for the idiots, and then set it so they are on their own private VLAN so their traffic doesnt even TOUCH the other one. It wouldnt be hard to set up either, seeing as they already moniter who has infections, jsut dont do anything about it.

Poor security of other customers on PN network

I know its easy to do - it was more of a prod to the PN staff to see if they'd do something about it (given my firewall rules block all ms traffic crossing the wan/lan they don't need to do anything for my sake but even so the traffic hitting my firewall is still traffic I don't need Wink )

Wonder if anyone from PN ever reads the Security forum and if they do are we likely to get any form of a response?
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Poor security of other customers on PN network

Plus.Net already blocks this traffic where it originates outside their network.

If you would like the idea to be conceded you should post the suggestion in the “Ideas and Suggestions Forum”


Poor security of other customers on PN network

Plus Net block ports 135 and 445.

I block these anyway on my router, along with 136-139.

I'm not sure why PN don't block these ports, I guess there must be a reason, I just don't know what it is.