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Plustalk Business - this cannot be serious!


Plustalk Business - this cannot be serious!

Just been looking at Plustalk for my business connection, maybe routing outgoing calls to landlines that way.

But I see that not only is the package a whopping £19-99/month - which is more than our normal spend on landline calls via Chess Telecom, but the inclusive minutes can only be used outside normal business hours!

Clearly this is not a serious business offering. Can I sign up to a residential package? We would easily be inside the cap on minutes, and could see some real savings.
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Plustalk Business - this cannot be serious!

I've just had a look at the £19.99/month PlusTalk Business Package and it states "50 hrs of anytime mins included". Where did you get that they where out of hours only?


Plustalk Business - this cannot be serious!

Where did you get that they where out of hours only?Phil

By clicking the "View full product details" link. At the bottom of that page was a single asterisk that said "6pm -8am Mon- Fri and all weekend".

Viewing the page again just now it appears to have changed, as it no longer says that. Or maybe a portal problem - when I looked last night I had been viewing the residential packages earlier. Or perhaps my mistake, and it certainly says "anytime" now.

But the current package is still too expensive - I have to buy more minutes than I need, 0845 is 150% more expensive than BT, and I currently get calls to mobiles at about 10p/min from my PSTN provider, which is 50% less than Plustalk.

Though I'm about to set up Asterisk as a PBX, I think I'll wait until rates come down to something worthwhile before routing outgoing through IP. I guess the real savings will come when we can call to other IP subscribers. Most of our calls are to other businesses, and I've yet to see a business advertising a VOIP number.