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Plusnet connection withV92 modems and Windows XP

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Registered: 11-10-2007

Plusnet connection withV92 modems and Windows XP

Since upgrading to Windows XP and changing from V90 modem to V92, I am finding it almost impossible to connect on my unmetered Plusnet A/c.

Can dial in at first attempt, but then get rejected at the Verification of User stage. Error messages 718,721,732 and 721. All refer to fact that "remote computer did not respond in timely manner", "could not agree PPP protocols" etc.

Occasionally get through at first attempt - but usually takes 7 or 8 attempts. Sometimes have to give up altogether!

Plusnet say "majority of ISP's do not support V92" - and they do not do so. (On unmetered line).

My computer firm says other main ISP's DO support V92, and this is now standard on most new computers.

Plusnet then suggested altering setting on modem to convert it to V90 operation and this has been done. But has made no difference to the problem.
Also to check latest drivers - my comuter builder says they are latest.
modem is Intel(R) 536EP V.92.

:roll: Anyone else having similar problems please - or can suggest a solution ??

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