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Plusnet Worm Disconnection


Plusnet Worm Disconnection

Hmm, ive just been disconnected from my adsl line and the following page loaded

I kow for a fact that my machine does not have a virus on, and 'online' activites dont use outbound port 135 , as ive set-up a rule to block port 135,

So im a bit puzzled, ive already done virus scan, checked ports etc, just wondering if this is a 'one-off' as its never happened before
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Plusnet Worm Disconnection

That page only occurs when an outbound connection on port 135 is detected from your PC so something did try to use port 135.

Did you try and run outlook (not outlook express) by any chance?

If it does keep happening you need to investigate further. If it's just a one-off then ignore it as a glitch somewhere.

Plusnet Worm Disconnection

i was downloading from fileplanet, had msn open, and outlook express, then my router disconnected, reconnected, tand this webpage openned,

Did a quick virus scan as you do, nothing,

Its just werid, as ive never seen this before today