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PlusTalk 240 - newbie can't make it work

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Registered: 04-08-2007

PlusTalk 240 - newbie can't make it work

Having registered for Plusnet Talk 240 I am finding no end of problems :-

1) I couldn’t find X-Lite from the download, so I found it from somewhere else. (not an auspicious start).
2) Everytime I run X-Lite I get the following error :- There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into the drive. I press continue or cancel and I get tot the display, with a message sequence initialising, discovering network., registering, registration error 408 – Request Timeout.
3) I cannot dial a landline number using X-Lite. I always get the error ‘Call failed : Request Timeout’. I have read the forums, installed for a firewall, tried different ‘stun’ servers and made no progress.
4) My Plusnet account panel shows I have no credit balance zero minutes and that I have to buy some PAYG time. It also displays that my product is PlusTalk 240 – this seems incorrect and I assume I hav enough minutes.
5) I can find no information regarding the Plusnet Talk 240 product on the site. I don’t know if I have cross network minute, whether this includes calls to voicemail, nothing.
6) I cannot navigate the place on this site to where I can log a problem with customer support

Any idea’s anyone ?

PlusTalk 240 - newbie can't make it work

I can try and help:

Xlite can be downloaded from here:

your error with it about no disk in the drive might be to do with where you got the copy of xlite from :shock:
point 3 might again be to do with the copy of xlite you have.

The Plusnet account panel shows a no credit balance zero minutes - thats correct but it will allow you 240 minutes free to 01 and 02 landlines.

if you want to add credit then you can dial other numbers.

The plusnet 240 is this the broadband premier you are talking about i.e.

your point 6 - not sure what you mean is that the member centre and then the help and support section?