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Phone cuts off after 54seconds


Phone cuts off after 54seconds

can anybody help?
i have a belkin router and Linksys phone adapter
I've set them both up (as far as i know)
and to begin with all seamed to be ok
but now when i make or receive a call I'm cut off after about 52-59 seconds
it's not every time about 70%
it is very annoying as i have to redial :x
any advice would be very much appreciated

Phone cuts off after 54seconds

does the problem go away if you have the router not connected?

Is there any noise on the line?

The BT line test facility can be accessed from any BT (or WorldOnline) line by dialling 17070.

Quiet Line Test

Unplug any extention phones, extention cables, answer machines or fax (anything except the phone you will use to do the test!).

Plug a normal touch tone phone directly into the BT master socket.

Dial 17070, press option 2 (quiet line test)

You should hear 'Quiet Line Test' and then silence, there should be no pops, clicks, whistles, buzzing etc. If there is noise on the line, make sure it's not your phones connection to the socket (wiggle it about a bit) and that you are using the master socket. If you are sure its the line making the noise then dial BT (or WorldOnline) and report the fault, they should be able to sort it out. Remember that 'mis-reporting' a fault (e.g. if it turns out to be your phone, extention cord etc.) may be charged a call-out fee by BT (/WOL).

any probs? see It doesn't work? (below)

Distance From Exchange

Dial the same line test number as the quiet line test (17070). Then press option 3 (fast test) then press option 1 (to say you are authorised, don't worry about 'not being officially authorised'). The press option 2 (ring back test). Then put the phone down.

You will get called back by the test facility within about 10 seconds, one of the bits of information given will be distance from exchange (in kilometres).

*The distance result may not be accurate if you have a 'DACs' fitted. It is not 100% accurate but does serve as a guide.

any probs? see It doesn't work? (below)

It doesn't work?

You need a BT line (or WorldOnline).

You need to use a touch tone phone (don't think it works without one).

You have caller line id (CLI) blocked, if this is the case then on dialling 17070 the message will include 'there is no CLI detected for this circuit'. You can get round this by dialling a prefix before 17070, the prefix is 1470, so the full line test number will be 1470 17070.

Phone cuts off after 54seconds

Thanks for reply

sorry i maybe didn't explain enough
the problem is with my VOIP phone not by BT phone
i can't unplug the router or the ip phone will defiantly not work

Phone cuts off after 54seconds

Has anybody else had this trobble with there plusnet sip phone :?:

1 min limit on calls


I have exactly the same issue. Did you resolve this?


Phone cuts off after 54seconds

i never got it resolved
i tried every suggestion made by the support team even sent screen shots, they couldn't see ant thing wrong.
finally they said it most be a fault with my hardware
I can't see that's the case as it's intermittent with Plus-Net and i never have this cut off problem with the same hardware with Sip-Gate