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Phishing attempts


Phishing attempts

[I posted this elsewhere, but thought I'd repost it in the busiest forum in case someone might have been caught by this scam.]

I'm used to getting all sorts of spam and phishing emails,pretending to be from ebay, amazon,paypal,various banks etc, but today I got one purporting to be from visa and asking me to log-in to my account because my visa card has been hacked.

This particular one almost got me,because the only link (I have all incoming emails set to 'plain text' ) was the one at the bottom of this extract :

Probably, your card issuers have not updated information yet. That is why we strongly recommend you to visit our website and update your profile, otherwise we cannot guarantee stolen money repayment. Thank you for your attention. Click here and update your profile. -- This email has been verified as Virus free Virus Protection and more available at


Phishing attempts

I got this one also - the message is at the boittom of every email you get as you have the virus checker activated.

The only difference this time is that there is a couple of lines spacing it from the email content.

I hope you went to the Visa site and gave them all your information :roll:

Phishing attempts

Hi there,

Scams like this are common. I am not sure if you are implying that the Plus Net link is relevant to the scam.

It is not and is found at the bottom of every email where the end user has the virus scanning service enabled.

The Plus Net link is nothing whatsoever to do with the scam.

Phishing attempts


Any email asking you to log into an account for updating of security information due to breaches or system failures is a scam no matter what official links are attached/embedded - send to waste or forward to domain abuse if available!
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Phishing attempts

That's not entirely true-- if you are expected to update security via links in the email it is but if the email is just asking you go to your account in the normal way to update info that is perfectly reasonable practice!

Phishing attempts

Hi folks,

This topic is more suited to the Everything Internet forum as it is not discussing Plus Nets products and services.

As such I a moving this thread.

Many thanks.