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Phantom bandwidth usage


Phantom bandwidth usage

I was looking at the "View my usage" page on the Plusnet website and I noticed that there seemed to be alot of days where the numbers seemed to be really high (ranging from 100Mb to 3Gb). On alot of these days I never used the computer and it was switched off . I have a wireless connection and my network card can see several different access points in the area. Is it possible that somebody else could be surfing using my Plusnet bandwidth? I used to have an unencrypted connection but I'm now using WEP. This doesnt seem to have made a difference. Is there any way of telling who could be logged on to my access point.
I'm using NAT and DHCP on a laptop running Windows XP Pro.
Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Phantom bandwidth usage

It does sound very much as if somebody else has been using your connection.

By enabling WEP you have doen thr right thing, in preventing [people from using your connection.

Other than the IP and MAC address, there will have been very little other identifying information to tell you know it was.

This can only be put down to live and learn regarding the security aspects of wireless networks.