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:x Following all the problems with the FrontPage and CGI platforms recently I have now got everything back except "Permissions"

When I go online to change passwords and user roles I only get an HTML page instead of the info page for alterations.

Anyone else having these problems ?
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Any files that the web server has to write must have 'other' write permissions set. - i.e. chmod 707 (rwx---rwx) so make sure that is set correctly.

See CGI: UNIX file permissions.

Other than that I don't actually understand what you are describing because you have not really described what you are doing well enough. Remember, we cannot see what you are seeing or doing so that all needs to be described in as much detail as possible. I.e how did it used to work and how is it now different etc.


Previously I would open my subweb in PlusNet using FrontPage.
When open I click on Tools > Server > Permissions
This should take me to a Permissions Administration page so that I can alter the users and roles for the passwords etc on the site.

It is at this point the the page does not load fully. The icons are missing and the existing information regarding my site will not list.

The page tells me my subweb has been created but there is no link/URL forme to access so that I can make changes