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Peered VoIP providers -> BTtalk


Peered VoIP providers -> BTtalk

Hi people,

Did ask plus net this question but being true to norm they did not know (or bothered)

Has anyone managed to call a BTtalk user. (SIP based)

I have found that BT numbers normaly start 44560..... but have not managed to phone it!!

Any suggestions apprciated,

Thanks in advance
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Peered VoIP providers -> BTtalk

I didn't know BT Talk was a SIP connection. If it is, you'd need a dial plan to facilitate the numbers.

I don't think BT Talk is compatible with PlusTalk, but I understand at least it's reliable!


Peered VoIP providers -> BTtalk

It is SIP based - I have a copy of the data that is used to program the routers. It has all the same settings, eg that we are used to. So in theory sip-to-sip calls should be possible but I surpose plusnet and Bt dont have a Peer connection.(EG a prefix number)