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Peered SIP providers


Peered SIP providers

We are continuing to work with other SIP providers, UK and Worldwide, to form peering partnerships.

You can call users of these services for free with PlusTalk:

    CallUK **285
    Gradwell **472
    Gossiptel **467
    Internet Phone company **847
    Free World Dialup **393
    Zero27 **027
    Voipfone **867
    Telappliant **864
    Voipuser **448
    Blueface **353
    IPPN **477
    Sipphone **747
    Draytel **372
    Woize **400
    Sipserve **177

There are 2 ways to call a non-PlusTalk user:

1. Dial their full SIP address e.g.
2. Add the unique provider prefix code. Example: to call 12121 on Gossiptel add **467 (including stars) i.e. **46712121

For friends using these peers who want to call you, our SIP ID is **768