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Peered SIP providers [Broadband Calls]


Peered SIP providers [Broadband Calls]

We are continuing to work with other SIP providers, UK and Worldwide, to form peering partnerships.

You can call users of these services for free with PlusTalk:

    aql **275
    CallUK **285
    Gradwell **472
    Gossiptel **467
    Internet Phone company **847
    Free World Dialup **393
    Zero27 **027
    Voipfone **867
    Telappliant **864
    Voipuser **448
    Blueface **353
    IPPN **477
    Sipphone **747
    Draytel **372
    Woize **400
    Sipserve **177

There are 2 ways to call a non-PlusTalk user:

1. Dial their full SIP address e.g.
2. Add the unique provider prefix code. Example: to call 12121 on Gossiptel add **467 (including stars) i.e. **46712121

For friends using these peers who want to call you, our SIP ID is **768