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Password protect web pages


Password protect web pages

I want to set up a site for a walking club. I want some of the pages password protected for members only. Are there any tools available to do this?

I can use asp but this webspace can only accept php scripts that then read the information from a database. I don't want to find and asp host as I have already paid for this.

Any ideas?


Password protect web pages

You could ue PHP where you would have more control over how the system works, or you could use .htaccess and basic user/pass system.

See the .htaccess tutorial in the Tutorials and FAQ forum
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Why not set up a Forum like phpBB.

You can use user registration, to control access and encourage members to post and add content.

Password protect web pages

I have created .htaccess and .htpasswd file but on test ing it does not recognise the username and password . I think the problem might be the line
AuthUserFile /share/isp/plusnet/www/<ch>/<chris>/htdocs/<sherb3>/.htpasswd
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Password protect web pages

Remove the < and >, they just highlighted the sections to change.

AuthUserFile /share/isp/plusnet/www/ch/chris/htdocs/sherb3/.htpasswd

The same applies to any other line in the .htaccess file.

It works

I have remove the brackets and it works. I can start developing the site not.
The link for the test pages is
and the user name and password is test