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Parental control


Parental control


Have just connected my daughter's PC to the internet.
At the moment she does not realise that there is life on the internet beyond CBBC, BBC Schools and - long may it live!

I have "protected" her PC with Zonealarm and AVG antivirus (ie on the cheap).

What is out there re Parental control or, more to the point, to stop her accidentally ending up with stuff she doesn't want to see. I'm thinking along the lines of Net Nanny.

Are there any free ones out there? Would hate to spend money then find out there is a freebies. I appreciate that a decent version is needed once she learns to "surf"

Thanks :?:

Parental control

There are products such as "Cyberpatrol" and "NetNanny" available on the net, both come with a 30 day trial - at least they did last time I looked. I would however say that no blocking software is 100% reliable. I've personal experiance of using Cyberpatrol and it seemed to do a reasonable job but was a bit of pain to set up and configure. Are you sharing your connection via a router? If so it *might* be possible for you to block certain types of traffic, for example MSN Messenger.

My personal solution is to block chat/Instant messenger traffic for the Kids PC and to rely on trust and the odd spot check of the history logs for their surfing activites - of course it helps that the kids are perfectly happy to "dob one another in"

Another option I've heard of but never tried is filtered proxy service. From what I've heard this allows you to specify types of sites to block, but off the top of my head I can't remember the name of the service or where I heard about it........

Hope this helps.

Parental control

A brief search of my bookmarks turned up this:

I've got no idea if they are any good or not, but it seems like a good idea at least.
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Parental control

Check out the links I posted in this thread. The web sites contain a lot of info for parents on how to limit net access and some of the tools available.

It is impossible to install 100% protection especially once email and chat rooms start making an appearence. The most important advice I can give is talk to your kids and explain some of the dangers so they become internet savvy - and a little trust in both directions can go a long way.


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Parental control

There is a version of ZoneAlarm Pro comes with web filtering built in.

It allows you to block sites by catagory. It also supposedly can rate new sites that have not been assigned a catagory using 'Smart Filtering'. Ive not actually tried any of this so whether it works or not is beyond me

The filtering is provided by Cerberian.

You can download a 30 day trial of ZoneAlarm Pro with Webfiltering from

Parental control


Will investigate further.