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Page Error 404


Page Error 404


Is it me, my connection, or a DNS issue, but it seems like very 4th page I get an error 404 page not found on ANY sites I visit.



Page Error 404

If you get 404, then it is page not found.

DNS and connection issues can be ruled out.

404 is being return by the server, sugesting that a connection was actualy made.

You could check that you are not trying to use a proxy or other intermediate connection. On top, you should check that there is no spyware on your system.

Do you, or have you ever had a popup blocker?
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Page Error 404

Hi there,

I'm in total agreement with acarr here - I would guess you're using a proxy. If you go to tools, then internet options in Internet Explorer, then access the connections tab, there is a LAN settings button. Click this, and ensure that the use a proxy server for this connection is not checked as this will most likely disrupt your connection and cause the 404s.

Just to recap what acarr said, a 404 is actually not DNS-related and will be generated by the server you're visiting. As a proxy fetches the pages on behalf, it will send you a 404 if it can't find the page. As the likelihood of you clicking on lots of broken links in a row is slim, I would suggest you're using a proxy that is broken somehow.
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Page Error 404

Mike certainly likes his bold text on this thread Smiley