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PN alternatives


PN alternatives

Having had enough of; variable bb connections, lost / delayed emails, no upgrade (and no communication of when I’ll get 8mb) and poor CS. I have decided to move ISPs. Has anyone done the research to find a best alternative? My prioritise are (1) it works properly (2) 1 x web domain hosting and handling emails from that domain (3) ability to speak to someone for CS / tech support if required (4) if possible a call package.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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PN alternatives

These forums aren't the place for discusssion of other ISPs. This would be better off over at ISPReview or ADSLGuide.


PN alternatives

Hi there.

The best place for comparing other ISP's and seeking advice as to alternatives is

This board provides community support and feedback for PlusNets products and services and as such is not the best place to discuss other providers.

I am moving this discussion to Everything Internet where you are more than welcome to continue it.

Hope you understand.

<<Edit>> Woops looks like two of us spotted this at the same time. Smiley