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PN VoIP and EYEBEAM compatibility


PN VoIP and EYEBEAM compatibility


In light of what plusnet are experimenting with and the possible implications of the power within, I am wondering if it is at all possible yet to use the xten eyebeam on the current PN setup.
If so has anyone got eyebeam setup and if this is the case how would you configure it.
The setup is completely different to that of the free version and I cannot help but think that I am missing a couple of things in order to get it working correctly.



SIP ID: 201843

Eye beam Set Uo Instructions

I have eyebeam set up no issues.

In the proxy account enable section i have this:

Display name - Anything you like
User Name - plustalk
Password - your plus net portal password
Auth User name - plustalk
Domain is - (as in like after the @ in your email address)
Register with Domain - ticked.
Make sure use as "outbound proxy" is UN ticked

SIP listen port is left blank no tick etc.

In Firewall NAT section:
Send internal IP - NEVER
STUN Server is un ticked and left blank
Firewall outbound proxy is set to - ALWAYS
Enable ICE - Ticked

Thats it you should be ready to go..................

PN VoIP and EYEBEAM compatibility

Hi Uplink,

I will surely give that a go when I get home tonight. This is if I havent deleted my copy of it along with the serial key :s

I will try it and see how it goes.

Cheers Smiley
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PN VoIP and EYEBEAM compatibility

Did anuone manage to get eyebeam working ? if so has anyone created a step by step guide (otherwise known as an idiots guide lol)
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If you follow uplikservices reply things work great.javascript:emoticon(':lol:')

PN VoIP and EYEBEAM compatibility

Which version of Eyebeam are you guys talking about? 1.1 or 1.5?

Its just that I was aware that another user, lokisrainbow, was trying to find config details for 1.5. The posts is a few down the page.