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PLUSNET virus infected machines :(


PLUSNET virus infected machines :(

i had a few problems with infected machines or hackers,
I was with another ISP before and NEVER had this problem,
i checked some logs and noticed a lot of plusnet addresses , wonder what security measures plusnet are doing to stop this , :? ive had enough , if i upgrade to 2 Mbit would i get a new IP or just another infected garbage IP address, my old 512k Plusnet was ok though ,

Thanks cc.
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PLUSNET virus infected machines :(

Speed upgrades don't change your IP address.

PlusNet block port 135 and 445 on the perifery of their network to stop infections getting in or getting out. That is as far as the blocking goes.

It is (and always has been) your responsibility to check your system is free from viruses and that it does not infect other PCs if it get's infected.

If you have a problem with other PCs scanning or trying to infect your system you should report it to with the relevant firewall logs - just make sure you only report 1 IP per email for just that IPs logs info.

PLUSNET virus infected machines :(

Thanks peter, service is generally excellent though, its just those pings that can ruin it sometimes,

Regards cc Smiley
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PLUSNET virus infected machines :(

Most of them, however, are nothing to worry about. And if you have decent security software then shouldn't cause you any difficulty.

Plusnet could take action on their side, but then would degrade the service for people who might actually want to use specific ports productively.