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P2P Queries

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Registered: 30-08-2007

P2P Queries

I'm on 2mb Broadband Plus and realise the restrictions on P2P for this package, but would like clarification on the following:

1. Does the client you use make any difference to the download speed (I'm currently using BitComet.)

2. Should I be able to continue surfing while I'm downloading something? At present I can't.

3. I picked up from another thread on this forum that "public" torrents (e.g. from Torrentspy) are generally slower. What is the alternative to "public" torrents?

MIght seem simple enough questions, but I haven't been using P2P very long!



P2P Queries

1) no - its packet filtered on "type" not on the client you are using, so all p2p traffic is filtered

2) it depends if you are uploading at the same time, if you are, it may make surfing really quite slow due to the limited upload bw we have available to us. (32k/bs)

3)Private torrent sites that either need an invite or pay per access, they are all and i mean ALL concerned with warez so i dont see why you would want to ask that on your own ISPs forum!

P2P Queries

im sorry buzzons but just how nieve are you?

do you really think that plusnet have no idea what traffic is going thru there systems?

come on man smell the coffee

there are 4 reasons ANYONE uses any P2P apps


you really think the majority of p2p users are sharing homework notes or summit? or that noone else knows about all the piracy except you and your mates?

i have the feeling an ISP as old in the tooth as plusnet (mean it nicely) under its latest name, doesnt have a good idea of what an average surfer uses and a heavy "pirate" uses.
in fact way back in the days of modems i think force9 used to host some very very interesting sites.......

we all adults here, ISPs are a business they are not going to shop customers that pay there keep unless they are pressured from someone bigger sony,emi,ms etc etc to make a show.

right, thats my bit i kick the soapbox to someone else

(and await a letter from paramount LMAO!)

P2P Queries

why am i nieve for warning him that it may look bad about askin how to download warez, and fyi , torrents are used to spread a lot of freeware software such as linux distros. But i guess you didnt know that.

We all know why he WANTS to download it, but there are FAR FAR better forums to ask these kind of questions on.. ones not affiliated with plusnet

P2P Queries

oh no, you see most of the good software for my psions would have been freeware so i am aware of it and superior o/s as well Wink

mind you anyone serious about the other types of downloads would use news groups as even Bit Tor sucks compared to newsgroups

my point was "they" know exacty what we do,when we do it, and who with.but they would be killing there golden goose if they reported everyone.

whats an ISP with noone to provide for!!!

but yes i spose there are better places to ask LOL!!!!