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Outlook express?security/passwords


Outlook express?security/passwords

Hello All
I have a problem with someone knowing my pass word for outlook express and they have been looking at my email from another location

How can i change the pass word (if i can)

I am with bt yahoo

do i have to contact them or can I do it (if simple) myself

any help greatfully recived
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Outlook express?security/passwords

Is this a plustet email address of a BT yahoo email address you are talking about.

If plusnet, is this your main (default) mailbox or one you have created via email settings.

If its your main mailbox, you can change the password via account details -> Change Password which also changes your portal password and your ADSL password.

If a named mailbox you created just change the password via Email settings.

If this is a BT Yahoo mailbox you need to contact them. Even though BT retail have bought PlusNet, PlusNet are not responsible for any BT Yahoo/BT Retail accounts, only their own.