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Outlook express problem


Outlook express problem

Ok guys, i have both Plusnet and Hotmail through OE and have done for years.

recently i have came across a slight problem which is annoying me. Say i have an email from John Smith, John Smith then sends me another email but this is delivered to my inbox and sits within the existing email he sent.

Its like when you are browsing your folder lists for download of a file and there is a little plus sign that opens the main folder and shows subfolders, make sense? Or like when you are telling a P2P application what folders you want to share

Under the one name i can have several different emails from that person, I just want it back to the old way of them all listed by date/name/size whatever

I know that makes little sense but someone must know what i mean, can't find anything in OE options

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Outlook express problem

Have a look on the View menu, then the Current View sub menu, have you by any chance got the "Group messages by conversation" ticked. If so, click on that item to turn it off - that should sort the problem for you.

Outlook express problem

superb mate cheers!

Must have done that by accident