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Outlook Web Access & Router Port Problem


Outlook Web Access & Router Port Problem

Looking for some help with the following problem...

I am struggling to get access to our Exchange Server using OWA from outside the building and suspect that the only problem is a router issue.

We are using a Windows 2003 domain server and if i attempt to use OWA from a client machine inside the building using I get instant access and no problems.

If I attempt the same from an external client using
http://our-ip-number/exchange I get a 404 Page not found every time.

We are using a Zyxel Prestige 652R-11 router and I have configured this to port forward ALL ports straight through to the internal server IP address and disabled the firewall but am still getting the same results.

Despite endless searching on Microsoft Knowledge Base I can't find any information regarding specific port forwarding for OWA relevant to routers - am not even sure if this would help having already tried forwarding all ports to the server ?

Would appreciate any pointers if anyone can help Smiley


Outlook Web Access & Router Port Problem

OWA = Outlook Web Access is this correct?

It's probably NAT related, and not port related. Have you thought about configuring a static route from the external IP to the Outlook Machine?

Outlook Web Access & Router Port Problem

Hi Aaron,

Yes, the problem is with Outlook Web Access....

I had begun investigating the NAT scenario but got myself bogged down in detail that left me not knowing whether it was relevant or not.

Any pointers you could give me about how to go about setting up a static route would be greatly appreciated.
For info, our account is set up on a No-NAT basis with a block of 4 IP's.