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Outlook Web Access - Help Please


Outlook Web Access - Help Please

I need a bit of help with setting Outlook Web Access, I appear to have hit a wall. I just can't figure out what I am doing wrong in getting this working and I am hopeing that it is something simple that I am over looking, any input onto this would be more then welcome.

In short I just can't access Outlook Web Access from the outside world, inside my network it is fine and from all of the settings I have checked it should work for the outside world too but for some reason or another it doesn't.

It will help if I explain my setup here I have a block of static IPs from my ISP (aka Plusnet). I have a router that is configured to have the first avaliable IP address in my range, this router does not have NAT enabled on it and all of it's firewall protection is turned off. The local address of my router is the second address in my IP range. connected directly to this router is a seperate hardware firewall, this has the third address in my range assigned to it's WAN port, NAT has been configured on this and that in turn translates into my network range on it's LAN ports. My server has been configured on the firewall as a web server so any internet requests that occure over http / https should be forward to it.

When I try to access my Outlook Web Access from the outside world my firewall intercepts it and informs me that I am requesting an invalid url.

What I don't understand is that this was working fine, nothing has changed my end and from what I can see nothing has changed on my ISP end.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this or some kind of recommened setup guide for what I need to do in order to set this up. I am stuck on what to do..

Outlook Web Access - Help Please

How have you setup outlook? If its setup to look for your webserver by name ie mywebserver then that name wont be know on the internet so it wont reach it. You will need to give it an ip which is directly connected to the server or the port is forwarded to it.
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Outlook Web Access - Help Please

Ok i am a little confused... Outlook webaccess runs on your Exchange server right?

Try access http://<ALLOCATEDIP>/exchange

mine works fine, but i use NAT with port forwarding