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Outlook Express 6 - problem


Outlook Express 6 - problem

I'm having a problem 90% of the time deleting incoming emails on only one of my addresses. I have several mailboxes that share the same @bit, these work fine. But on one I get a "Cannot delete" message or "Cannot display delete folder”
Most *.DBX folders are checked 'Archive'. I have three folders that have no check at all and a whole bunch where the properties cannot even be pulled up to inspect. Is it that I should 'check' as Archive where I can inspect Properties?

Most often when 'deleting' a highlighted email no action happens at all OR on a good day the timer hangs for up to 5 minutes before the delete kicks in!

With an open email there is either no action as above or we get a message that reads ' The message could not be deleted [OK}'

This syndrome is unique to one of three identities and then to one of three mailboxes.

One of life's mysteries or what? " Does anybody out there know how I can fix this before I end up with '000s of unwanted emails that cannot be deleted.
Thks Mike
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Outlook Express 6 - problem

You have already posted this in the guest forum and have had replies.
Please dont post the same thing in two or more places as the replies get hard for anyone to follow (yourself included).

I am now locking this thread and any furtjher replies can be directed to your original in the guest forum.