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Outlook 2003


Outlook 2003

I am trying to setup Outlook 2003 to receive my mail from Plus Net. Upon sending a test email I am getting the following message.

"Outlook could not connect to the incoming mail server (pop3) the problem could be the server name or port , or your server may not support SSL ." I have checked all the settings on the Plus Net set up info for Outlook 2003 and it is all correct.

Please can anyone help.

Thanks Caroline

Outlook 2003

Hi Caroline,

Are you trying to collect mail from your default Plusnet account or a mailbox?

What are your current settings in outlook?

Check your incoming mail server is and your outgoing (smtp) is set to

Mail box usernames must be accountname+mailboxname.

On the advanced tab in the account settings ensure that the SSL boxes are not checked for incoming and outgoing mail.

Hope this helps.


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Outlook 2003

Additionally, make sure that a firewall isn't stopping traffic... I use Outlook 2003 to collect Plusnet mail with no problems...