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Outlook 2003, instantly c emails as they are sent to server


Outlook 2003, instantly c emails as they are sent to server

I am running Outlook 2003 (with ADSL) and I would like to know how to have instant access to my email, ie have them appear in my inbox as soon as they are sent, so I don't have to manually send/receive. Is this possible in Outlook 2003.

Can you also explain the difference between IMAP and POP3, is this what I should be doing to solve this?

Outlook 2003, instantly c emails as they are sent to server

To have "instant access" to e-mail would require it to be delivered direct to your ADSL connection (as SMTP) but if you use any mail client, whether using POP3 or IMAP, you have to "poll" the server (at PlusNet or wherever) to find if there are new messages.

In an office environment, where there may be MS Exchange Server, or some alternative mail system running, it is common for the user's mail client (eg Exchange client) to be alerted by the server when new mail arrives, and it then pops up an alert box. That's why office mail is "instant" but from home, Outlook / Outlook Express, Eudora, Opera, Netscape, etc mail has to check back from time to time (10 minutes or longer is perhaps sensible - hitting the server more frequently just overloads it if there are tens of thousands of users doing so).

The older method is POP3, (Post Office Protocol) where messages are held on the server and can be retrieved and then deleted (some spam monitoring software deletes it off the server without downloading the full message). Whether you use IMAP or POP3 won't really change how soon you know about incoming mail - the software on your home PC needs to check with the server to find out about new mail.

Differences when using IMAP are:

1) that you can have the status recorded (as to whether you have read/replied to an item of mail) and see it from any machine which synchronises with the IMAP server, and

2) Sent mail can be held on the IMAP server, so you can easily refer to mail both received and sent (with POP, the server only holds the incoming mail, and normally it is deleted once your mail application collects it - you need to alter the settings to collect mail on more than one mail application or PC)

In theory you could leave mail on an IMAP server, but taking a local copy is best (to protect against the IMAP server failing, and in case there are policies about how much mail is allowed on the server).

Outlook 2003, instantly c emails as they are sent to server

I put Outlook 2003 on my computer a while back and it wouldn't automatically check whether I had any new mail. I had to press the 'Send/Receive' button.

After a bit of digging there is a option to do an automatic receive and send e-mails as soon as you press send.

This is buried under Tools-Options-Mail Setup-Send/Receive. Once there you can set it to check all accounts/mailboxes you have set up in Outlook, or just some of them amongs alot of other things (e.g. get everything/headers only etc)

Hope this helps