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Outlook 2000


Outlook 2000

I have recently connected to PlusNet. I've tried to setup my email account onto Outlook with no success. I followed the instructions layed out by PlusNet but when I came to test it, it failed at the first hurdle.

I'm connected to ADSL with a Linksys WAG54g wireless router and connected by a length of cat5 cable to the pc.

I'm not sure whats wrong. Can anyone help? Sad
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Outlook 2000

What error messages are you getting? Please post in full.

Is the problem sending or receiving mail or both - post any errors for whichever problems you are having?

When setting up the account in outlook, make sure you don't set authentication for SMTP (outgoing) and set the incoming (POP3) server as and the outgoing (SMTP) server to The outgoing server must also be set to that for any other accounts you may have.

Outlook 2000

just tried again and tested the settings and it has worked, don't I look a right plonker!

Thanks for replying so fast anyway Peter Shockedops: