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Online Woes


Online Woes

I have just setup my ADSL connection, and as you can see I am online, but I am having a few problems, I cannot play any online games like BF2 as it won't connect, and I cannot access MSN as it tells me that there is a problem with my ports. I have installed Symantec AV + Firewall configured it and it keeps blocking me, plus it won't update as Live update tells me that I am not connected to the internet, but at the moment I am d/l all my Windows updates fine.

I wanted to play Half-Life 2 again, but Steam won't connect either. I have disabled my Symantec firewall for the time being

ISP: Plusnet 2mb
Modem: Voyager 105 USB ADSL

this is really frustrating

Online Woes

Does everything work when you disabled the Symantec firewall?

Also, have you checked to make sure that there's no other firewall software running, such as the Windows firewall (I assume you're using Windows?).