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Off To Skybroadband


Off To Skybroadband

Just got my mac number from plusnet & am off to skybroadband,should take around 15 days to all go frew so just have to wait & see.

Main reason for leaving are the speeds that are up & down all the time ,and using p2p is just a wast of time 9 times out of 10.Plus its £5 cheaper.

Goodbye all & thankyou.

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Off To Skybroadband

Hey flybynight,

I've moved this to everything internet, which is more appropriate for this type of discussion.

Since you are moving to sky you might be interested in

Hope the migration goes well,


Off To Skybroadband

I think I understand your frustration, as discussed in other threads on here. I pay £21 a month for Premier service and download nowhere near the limits and yet P2P is virtually non existant, unless you can stay up all night. It is almost dishonest to say PlusNet provides a P2P service, when it takes 3 hours to download a 3mg mp3 at peak times which is most of the day. Why don't they just be honest enough to say they don't provide P2P at all. My last 3 months peak 3.84, 7.41, 6.13 and total usage 5.75, 11.81, 14.65. I would hardly say I am a big user for a Premier customer.
I would leave also, if I could be certain that another ISP will provide the P2P service that we deserve. Why can't we just pay more a no-quible Premier P2P service that guarantees fast download speeds all day? Let's be honest, it's only a question of cost.
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Off To Skybroadband

My last 3 months usage have been very small at 4.2 GB, 3.22 GB and 3.69 GB but there are times when I and other members of my household may wish to download upwards of 100 GB per month

Over 18 months ago this sort of flexibility seemed to be tolerated but PlusNet's anally retentive management techniques and overloaded system have made it well nigh impossible and hellish to even attempt

That said Sky is not the way to go!

Off To Skybroadband

Good luck with Sky, my Dad's been connected with them for just a day and it's already been down for the last few hours. There's no status page or number to tell you if they are having problems. You get what you pay for....