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OE fails to connect to mail server.


OE fails to connect to mail server.

Could someone please help; my Outlook Express program fails to connect to the mail servers if I start the program after the pc has been running for several minutes. Everything works perfectly for quite some time after booting the pc; (i.e. OE will start and connect to the two mail servers that I use), but if I close OE and and then use Internet Explorer for about ten minutes, starting OE again results in the following error 60 seconds later: `Protocol: pop3, port 110, secure(SSL); no, socket error; 10061,error number 0x800CCCOE'. The error number means `cannot connect to server'.

To use OE at this stage is only possible by re-booting the pc.

This problem has only started to occur recently. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling OE, but without success.

Help appreciated.