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Norton Internet Security v McAfee


Norton Internet Security v McAfee

I use both these systems, one at home and the other at work. They seem to be fine.

However, I have had to format my home pc drive and now find it difficult to contact Symantec (re Norton) to see whether I can upgrade to NIS 2004 or need to purchase afresh. I do not have a cd as I downloaded the original software.

I'd be obliged if anyone could assist. Cool

Norton Internet Security v McAfee

They don't seem to make telephone numbers easily accessible anymore on the website.
I have some numbers in my notebook, but they are a few years old, but worth a try:
020 7744 0035
0118 982 9800
020 7616 5600 (the number on the website)
I am fairly certain I have installed Systemworks onto a clean install without any problems, so I doubt NIS is any different.
[Oops - London numbers now corrected Shockedops:]

Norton Internet Security v McAfee

Thanks very much, but as I was having such difficulties with them I have opted for McAfee.

Norton Internet Security v McAfee


I'd be interested in people's experiences with, particularly, the latest version of the McAfee security suite.

I run Norton Personal Firewall 2002 and Norton Antivirus 2002 on Windows ME (all sat behind a router firewall too). Early this year, when my update subscriptions were nearing expiry, I looked into upgrading to Norton Internet Security 2004 (adding anti-spam and other goodies to the anti-virus and firewall). However, a trawl for online reviews revealed that many were apparently experiencing problems with it. Threads on this forum apparently show a similar story. In the end, I postponed my decision and renewed my update subscriptions to the ealier versions for another year.

However, I'm planning a move to Windows XP (Pro) - it's about time I did it - so it seems a good time to review the situation. I did consider the McAfee suite back at the beginning of the year but, again, my search for other's experiences gave me the impression that this, too, was giving problems.

I'd be interested in other's experiences / recommendations.