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Nominet Opt-Out

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Registered: 01-08-2007

Nominet Opt-Out


Just a bit of additional info for you. In November my £1 domain name was renewed by PlusNet. For some reason after renewal my private address was being displayed when I did a whois at Nominet.

All I did was to raise a ticket and asked PlusNet to:-

... please inform Nominet that "The registrant is an individual who has elected to have their address omitted from the whois database".

It only took a couple of days to sort out with Nominet.

Hope this helps.

Nominet Opt-Out

Just a quick one...

I have a with PlusNet, I would like to opt-out of having my address shown on the Whois database, how do I go about this? There doesn't seem to be an option on the site.

I have a hosting account with another provider to and it's just a little tick box on that.

Please help.

Nominet Opt-Out

I am not sure this is possible through PlusNet, once the domain is registered, though it can be done during the signup process.

I suggest raising a ticket on the issue.

If they are unable to help, there is another way around.

Nominet send you a registration confirmation letter, allong with a peelback strip, containing a code to access Registrants Online

Via this system, you can turn the Opt-Out on there.

Nominet Opt-Out

Thanks for that.

(Not sure where I put the certificate .. I'll have to go hunting lol)

Nominet Opt-Out

Yes, just raise a ticket.

Maybe a helpful extra piece of information: you can only opt-out if your site is non-commercial and, in my opinion, they have a very narrow definition of this. For example, having Google ad-banners on your site apparently qualifies it as being commercial.

--> Stephen