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Nokia E Series/N Series Settings

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Nokia E Series/N Series Settings

Hi all,

Thought I'd start a new thread and sticky it.

Following the work conducted on the VOIP platform as announced here it is now possible to use Broadband phone with the Nokia N series and E series handsets.

The following explains how I configured my N95 to use the service. Other models may differ slightly but never-the-less the settings should be similar.

Handset Configuration

  • Navigate to Tools > Settings > Connection > SIP Settings

  • Select Options > New SIP Profile > Use Default Profile

  • Enter your Broadband Phone settings as follows. I have used screenshots from sipgate's support pages and then included text after each screenshot to show what I replaced the options with.

    Profile name: PlusTalk
    Service Profile: IETF
    Default Access Point: Your wirless access point or GPRS/UMTS Carrier
    Public user name: sip:<Your SIP ID>
    Use compression: No
    Registration: User preference but I chose 'Always On'
    Use Security: No

  • Go into the submenu called 'Proxy Server':

    Proxy server address:
    User name: <Your SIP ID>
    Password: <Your main account password>
    Allow loose routing: Yes
    Transport type: UDP
    Port: 5060

  • Return to the previous menu and go into the subfolder called 'Registrar Server':

    Registrar server address:
    User name: <Your SIP ID>
    Password: <Your main account password>
    Transport type: UDP
    Port: 5060

Testing your device's functionality

To confirm the functionality of the configuration, there are two easy methods:

  • Call the echo test number
    Using the Internet calling facility, dial 7000 from your handset.

  • Make a call to your 0845 number
    Using a land-line or another mobile device, try making a call to your Broadband Phone 0845 number.

We'll try and get this turned into a formal support article for the Help & Support section of the website.

Kind Rgds,

Bob Pullen
Plusnet Products Team
If I've been helpful then please give thanks ⤵