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Noisy calls


Noisy calls

I've had a search on the forum and can't find any previous reference to this - apologies if I missed one.

I've just started using Plustalk - connect fine - using X-Lite and a USB phone. Calls are made successfully - however the person on the other end (landline) hears a quite persistent buzzing - thought it might be my PC fan, but moving the phone away doesn't make any difference - surprisingly, increasing the microphone volume reduces the background noisiness!!

Anybody got any suggestions?

Many thanks
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Noisy calls

There are a lot of "buzzes" in this world. If you can describe it better or record it we may have a better idea...

Buzzing from pc microphones is more commony caused by electro-magnetic interference from strip lights or cathode ray tubes. If you have a box monitor try moving your phone/audio cables and mic away from the monitor. You could try doing some simple recording in sound recorder to see the buzzing is recorded there. Don't forget to select the USB device as the recording source.

Buzzing caused by VoIP would more likey sound clicky and I wouldn't expect volume changes to make a difference.


Noisy calls

Thanks for the response Paul,

Difficult to describe the buzzing and, as it is only heard at the landline end of the call, difficult to record! To try and describe it - it is a steady low pitched hum - a bit like a dialling tone but much lower pitched. It doesn't seem to vary much, although as I said earlier if the microphone volume is turned to maximum on x-lite then the person listening on the landline end seems to hear less of the noise.

I did consider the possibility of it being my monitor, however moving the internet phone further away does not seem to make any difference to the level of noise heard at the landline phone.

There is no noticeable noise on the internet phone at all. I haven't yet tested it out on a call to another internet phone. There aren't any noticeable clicks, so I guess that points to a source other than VOIP. Having searched around for ideas, I noticed that there were some suggestions about changing codec, so I disabled gsm. There may have been a sligt reduction in the noise, but not much.

I'll keep investigating (altough it is not a high priority problem for me at the moment)