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No set-up disc and no reply from F9


No set-up disc and no reply from F9

:?: I have purchesed the hardware and got an account for Plustalk my only problems are:

I have not got the start-up disc and while I can get the Internet part to work I can only use the Internet through the ethernet cable which makes it unfit for use.

I have raised a service request 19640901 which I am assured has been escalated but no one is keeing me informed

I tried the help phone line and spent a total of 53 minutes waiting to get someone to talk to me without an answer (inclusing one disconnection during the repetitious music phase

Even putting additional comments on my service request has not roused anyone at F9 to action.

The information to set up my Plus Talk is diffuse, a minefield of technical acronyms and references to obscure personal data - being old and easily confused I do not stand a snow flake in Hades chance of setting this thing up, connecting my cordless 'phone to the router just makes for a dead line

There is some mention of connecing the filter box to the 'phone for making calls when the computer is switched off my phone has only one cord and that, I assume goues into the router

Do I have to have X-lite configured to make phone calls or does that just enable me to phone from my computer?

It's all very confusing. I would just like someone to get in touch with me by whatever means to even try and make sense of this void.