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No longer peering with AQL

Community Gaffer
Community Gaffer
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No longer peering with AQL

Hi all,

I have just made an amendment to the list of SIP providers we peer with to exclude AQL.

This decision has been made as the result of an ongoing problem involving dropped SIP to SIP calls between our network and theirs.

Whilst AQL have accepted the problem resides within their network, the issue has been on going for over a month with no sign of a fix being forthcoming. We have requested that AQL investigate the problem, and have supplied a test account for the purposes of allowing a technical person to do a full end to end test.

Due to the lack of movement despite repeated attempts to chase this issue, we are withdrawing AQL as a peer for a period of time to allow a full investigation.

We will of course endeavour to resolve the underlying problem but at present we cannot do this without the cooperation of AQL.

Kind Regards,

Bob Pullen
Plusnet Products Team
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