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Newsgroups and criticism of +net


Newsgroups and criticism of +net


I'm fed up of all this plusnet bashing

name me an isp who offers as good a package for the same or less than plusnet

yes you can get faster, or binaries, or uncapped

but they all cost a lot more

so stop the whinging or tell me a better isp who has uncapped access, full newsgroup access and offers 8mb?


Newsgroups and criticism of +net

Who has uncapped access, full newsgroup access and offers 8mb?

Well Not PlusNet!. The binary Usenet service was withdrawn from April 3rd 2006 - as per PlusNet notice posted 06 Mar 2006 03:36 pm.
See Binary Usenet Withdrawal

It is this whittling away and decline of services that justifiably causes complaints.

As for 8Mbps - another Sales Feature to keep up with the competition. I doubt if much improvement will be seen as most of the time wasted is waiting for a responce - rather than actual download speed. An old banger is as fast as the latest GTI when you're gridlocked. In any case only the lucky few who live close to an exchange will see the full 8Mbps.

If you are not satisfied -you have two choices:
1. Walk - and risk jumping from the frying pan into the fire
2. Complain (along with others) and hopfully maintain or even improve the existing service. Of course this doesn't preclude a bit of praise when things are going great - which sadly of late has not been the case.

Newsgroups and criticism of +net

The point is I signed up with Plus net as it had the newsgroups and now they have dropped it. It was my main reason for not going with other suppliers.

With Car phone now offering FREE broadband things should be shuck up a bit. What Plus net should have done with newsgroups is offer it as an extra as people like me would pay a little extra for what we want

Newsgroups and criticism of +net

Reason I signed up was due to their cheap Business BB. Compared to alot of other companies its cheap as chips here.

Nildram are asking £20 more a month for the same speed.
Pipex is £30 more for 2MB.
BT I cant even understand thier Business BB website..
Tiscali is also only 2MB for Business.

These will probably change, but they all seem a bit more expensive in the long run.

Zen would be my only choice on the price factor, and then I would have to go over to Small Business which I am not sure has the same contention ratio.

There is another company though that does offer good BBB, although I am keeping that private Tongue I've seen what it is like on here when a good ISP gets leaked, everyone and his labrador jump on the bandwagon lol

Although I wouldnt use a Residential package from PN, not even if it was free. The caps are too hard and all this SUP, PUS, USP, DISP, PROSE, UGH, BLEH, MEH, okay I am making them up now but its too confusing for me lol

The caps are sort of present on Business, fair usage policy. I could use PNs residential packages probably without hitting the limit caps.. But I have heard too many horror stories about slow P2P and lagging etc. I havent seen any of this on the Business package at all.. So..

No I am definatly not a supporter of the Residential packages, looking at the prices here for Residential with a 30GB cap your paying £39.99. It does say 24MB speed but what are the chances of that..

Thats only £1.77 less than what I am paying, but when MaxDSL arrives my broadband will be twice as fast at uploading I get two domains and a contention ratio of 20:1.. I dont see how the prices are justified. Sure you will get 24MB speed if you can, but its probably a very tiny percentage who will get even 8MB or over.

I can only see people buying that for the higher cap limit.

Anyone paying for that for a residential package for the higher cap should ask for a switch to the BBB package in my opinion.


It seems it will be available soon on the Tiscali thingy ma-bob, oh well maybe it will be worth the price for the speed.. Although such a speed with that cap limit.. lol?

Newsgroups and criticism of +net

I did email Zen once asking about their products, however they never actually had the decency to reply to me at all Smiley

What with their new accounts, their limits dont allow me to download as much as i have done over the past few months.

Newsgroups and criticism of +net


People will always post when something isn't right with their service, and for some Plus Net is the right provider and for others it is not.

Newsgroups and criticism of +net

Add my voice to the newsgroup complaints.

Newsgroups and criticism of +net

The Plus Net that exists now is not the service I signed up for last year. I'm disgusted that such huge changes can happen i.e. severe capping (i.e. 15GB peak time, the time when I'd actually be on my PC), total withdrawal of binary usenet forcing me to subscribe to a third party service which they have the cheek to cap my peak time usage of and then saying that I would receive 8Mbps on my billing date in April, and then when the time comes I have to email them to find out that only my account is upgraded and BT may take several months to get round to upgrading my line. Now the last issue would have been fair enough had they told me that to start with but the fact is I was misled to begin with.